About Us


Support Yours was initially birthed to fulfil a purpose: to revive this thirst in people to give their support and energy to those close to them. It serves as an ambulant reminder to go to your friends gig, even though only 10 people showed up, cop your friend's products, despite not having any hype around it, to inspire people to take pride in supporting their friends, family, and fellow creatives. The smallest acts of Support are free, don't be greedy with it, because you can always give more.





We take a lot of pride in showcasing young artist, and want to help shift this idea of "broke struggling" artist, by creating financial opportunities to support their craft. If you purchase an artist collaboration garment, 40% of profit is given to the artist whose work is being sold. If you wish to be next artist to collaborate with Support Yours, don't hesitate to contact us with examples of your work.